Do you have a sports injury or a lingering back pain? Get treated now at the comfort of your home by certified and experienced physiotherapists.

2050 Health Care Physiotherapy Services

2050 Healthcare aims to provide in-home physiotherapy care that aims at alleviating pain in most medical conditions. Whether it’s a chronic disorder, a frozen shoulder or a sports injury, our experienced physiotherapists can help you get treated at the comfort of your home.

Expert clinical support and services

The physiotherapy experts at 2050 Healthcare are highly skilled at assessing a wide range of medical ailments that affect the nervous, circulatory or respiratory system.

Personalized Physiotherapy Service

If you are experiencing any kind of sprain, muscular disorder or injury, physiotherapy at home can bring you a world of goodness packed. However, if you are also suffering from lupus, arthritis, osteoporosis or age-related joint ailments, you can avail physiotherapy for long-term benefits.

Expert clinical support and services

Our in-home physiotherapy treatment can provide you with personalized care with better time management and a faster recovery process that is cost-effective and convenient.

Home Care Services we provide

  • Knee Pain
  • Post Heart-attack
  • Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease
  • Joint Replacement
  • Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain
  • Geriatrics Rehabilitation

Short Term Packages

Per session


When do you need Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy has a broad range of healthcare specialties and if you have any of the below-mentioned ailments, you can opt for our in-home physiotherapy service –

1. Neuro
2. Joint injuries
3. Joint pain
4. Posture problem
5. Soft tissue injuries
6. Recovery from surgery
7. Bruising or Swelling
8. Cardio or Pulmonary

What is 2050’s Physiotherapy Service?

Our in-home physiotherapy service will provide an ideal healthcare solution for chronic ailments like bone and joint problems, neurological complications, surgery and muscle spasms or cramps. Post our physiotherapy sessions, you will have reduced joint pain, improved mobility and balance, healed mind and body. Our approach will help the patients to maintain and restore their physical, psychological, and social well-being. We follow a multi-pronged approach of diet and lifestyle to help patients restore their strength and coordination to make their life easier.

What is the procedure to request for Physiotherapy at home?

You can simply fill our request form available on the website and click on the submit button to request an in-home physiotherapy service. It will be better if you provide us with all the details about the reasons for requesting an in-home physiotherapist. We will then contact you to confirm your requirements and send you a therapist based on your needs.

How much will one physiotherapy session cost?

The cost per session will depend on the patient’s need and treatment plan.

What will be the duration of each physiotherapy session?

The maximum duration of each session will be an hour.

Is physiotherapy the same as massage?

No. Physiotherapy follows a scientific approach to problem-solving. The treatment might involve a few massage techniques, but these are absolutely anatomically inclined.

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