Old Age Care

If you are worried about the medical needs of your elderly parents back home, avail 2050Healthcare Old Age Care services to ease your worries.

2050 Health Care Elderly Care Services

Elderly people deal with multiple health issues that require immediate and constant attention. Elderly Care programs are specially crafted to cater special healthcare needs of senior citizens via compatible and dedicated caregivers.

Expert clinical support and services

Get customized old age care packages depending upon the duration of your requirement. Our elderly care plan involves – timely medicine delivery, regular home visits by experienced nurses and physiotherapists, dedicated health managers, personalized health records and much more.

Personalized Elderly Care Service

Growing old could be a difficult experience especially when the elderlies get increasingly dependent on others for their daily actions. If life’s modern constraints isn’t allowing you to physically give them the care and compassion they need, opt for Old Age Care Services to ensure a smooth functioning of their lives.

Expert clinical support and services

2050Healthcare elderly plan includes – free medical assessment, health manager, experienced nurse visits and various other personalized plans such as lab test, eye check up, physiotherapy, nursing care etc.

Homecare services we provide

  • Eyesight problem
  • Blood pressure checkup
  • Oral hygiene
  • Joint Ailments
  • Heart rate
  • Skin problems

Short Term Packages

Elder care for 24 hours by one attendant(food and accommodation provided by the client)

Elder care for 24 hours by two attendant

Elder care for 12 hours

Regular/Monthly Packages

Elder care for 24 hours by one attendant(food and accommodation provided by the client)

Elder care for 24 hours by two attendant

Elder care for 12 hours


When do you need Old Age Care services?

Availing old age care becomes necessary when elderlies start facing trouble with their daily activities, like bathing, cleaning, taking medicines, etc and there is no one in the family to assist or take constant care of them. Physical disabilities and various ailments also make opting elderly care service mandatory.

What is 2050’s Elderly Care Service?

2050’s home attendants for elderly care are rigorously trained and thoroughly screened to make sure the patients are put at ease under their care and compassion. The attendants make sure to provide the best of care by assisting and attending the elderlies with their daily undertakings. The attendants can help them with bathing, dressing, using the restroom, getting in and out of the bed, accompanying them to medical visits, and may prepare meals as required.

What is the procedure to request for an elderly care at home?

If you decide to get elderly care for your loved ones, you can reach us via multiple means. You can call us or directly write to us on the email id mentioned in our website.

Right from asking you minimum relevant medical information to finding the right attendant for your needs, our customer service staff will assist you all the way. Your preference on the kind of support you require will be prioritized, for instance, any preferred language of communication, or whether you want a male or female attendant to take care of the elderly patient.

Why choose us?

Security is vital, thus we ensure proper screening of our staff during recruitment. Moreover, when any of our attendants visit your home, they would be in proper uniform and carry ID proofs. Once you choose us, the safety of your family becomes our responsibility.

What you can expect from our elderly care nursing assistant?

The nursing assistant’s job is to make sure that they provide the best geriatric care. They will also provide assistance and pay utmost attention towards their well-being. They can also stay near the patient depending on your requirement. They can assist in activities like providing oral medicine, assistance with wheel chair and walker, personal hygiene, preparing meals and feeding, giving enema, and others.

When are the benefits of our elderly care program?
  • You can avail nutrition assessment at the comfort of your home
  • All your elder one’s health record will be updated at timely intervals
  • A dedicated health manager will be assigned to you for regular check-ups
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