About Us

2050 Healthcare is a concept that envisages to change the very concept of how healthcare is visualized in our country and hopes to see this achieve fruition in the near future. A vast majority of illnesses after the acute period do not require the intensive setup of a hospital. In fact, the resource to patient ratio becomes highly skewed in most hospitals for stay beyond the acute phase. Moreover, there is always a perennial risk of hospital infections, stress due to prolonged stay in sterile environs and a paucity of personalized care and attention. This is the area that 2050 Healthcare aims to bridge by offering a range of services aimed at bringing high quality, personalized and comprehensive healthcare in a comfortable, home-like environment and in fact, right up to your doorstep, thus making your transition from hospital to home much easier.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to provide highly personalized Transitional Care Programs by bringing together clinical care, operational efficiency and an empathetic view to deal with the complexities of healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide, unsurpassed clinical expertise, quality rehabilitative services and compassionate nursing care in transitioning patients to their home setting and reuniting them with their loved ones.

Core Values

  • • Compassion
  • • Quality Healthcare
  • • Integrity
  • • Efficiency
  • • Ownership
  • • Innovation
  • • Clientele Satisfaction